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  2006.03.23  12.01

Join: knockouts_


  2005.06.21  23.12

omg bruvva where r u?


  2005.01.05  07.45

Im going back to Dunedin with my Gran because shes "sick" and needs someone to "Care" for her for awhile. I don't know when I'll be back :( I can't believe my Mum is actually doing this to me.
I'll call you when I get back guys! Till then,
<33333 Alexis

Mood: angry

  2005.01.01  18.40

WOAH! HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYBODY. It was awesome, me, Tia, Rookie, Maddie, Lisa and heaps of their friends all went to the park down beside Rookies house and got pretty wasted, but it was so much fun. And somehow Maddie got her hands on some firecrackers so we let those off, but one of them got stuck into someones fence so we had to do a runner, hehehe. It was awesome fun! School this year is going to be so hard, with so much schoolwork.
I don't want to go back to school :( :( :(
Sorry I haven't been updating much but I've been busy. Me and Bec have been spending way to much time together, I swear we'll snap soon. She's so gorgeous, I love Bec. She's my best friend, along with Tia and Chloe.
I haven't seen Chloe for ages.... Honey, I MISS YOU :(
I went and bought the LotR box set today, and I'm going to go watch all the bonus material now :) Hooray!
Yummy Viggo is mine!

Mood: happy

  2004.12.28  12.38
Uh Oh......

Tasha found out i like Brendan! She's going to tell him I just know it, she's the biggest loudmouth. Anyway Im just gonna go pop over to Becs now to watch girly movies and eat lotsa chocolate <333
I need to figure out what to do for New Years...... I am NOT staying at home!
Someone gimme a call? On my cell, thanks! <33333

Mood: anxious

  2004.12.26  23.04
Oh yeah and......

Before I go:

Ohhh yummy


  2004.12.26  22.27

Just got back from Tia's because my parents couldn't pick me up any earlier. I am soooooo tired, the marathon was perfect. They had 20 minutes intermission between each movie so we didn't get deep vein thrombosis or something. But it was pure heaven <3333 Then we grabbed a coffee and cruised over to Tia's AND GUESS WHO PICKED US UP! Thats right, Tia's brother. After perving on Viggo and Hugo Weaving and getting picked up by Rhys, everything was perfect.
Im so tired so I'm gonna go crash and not wake up for 3 days. Hehe <333 you all

Mood: tired

  2004.12.25  08.25

HAIIIIIIIII just saying I got the coolest Chrissie presents. Shoes, LotR posters, jewellery, make up, perfume, cd's, DVD's! IM SO EXCITED. Im just leaving to go to the marathon, I cant wait!!!! ITS GOING TO BE SO WONDERFUL. All three LotR movies in one hit - yesyes ^.^ <33333

Mood: ecstatic

  2004.12.24  18.21

Tis the night before Christmas, and all through the house.... I forget the words, but Alexis isn't being quiet as a mouse ^.^ I have my music cranked and I'm so excited. My family went out to some 5 hour long Christmas Eve sermon so yeah. I think my neighbours are yelling at me to turn down my music, but i don't care, ITS CHRISTMAS TOMORROW.
I'm looking forward to the LotR movie marathon than i am to actual Christmas...... Ahhh Viggo! ^.^

Mood: excited

  2004.12.20  11.11
HEWWEO (ahhh what the fuck)

Hai guys! My friend Chloe told me to sign up to LJ because its a great way to meet new people, and I already had a myspace, facethejury and facepic account i figured sure, why not. So here i am. I probably wont be blogging much because school this year is going to be hectic, and yeah. Its Christmas in a few days, I'm so totally excited. After the whole morning-presents thing I'm going out with Tia, Chloe, Bec, Hadie and Sam to go to the LotR movie marathon, and then back to Tia's house so we can perve on her cute brother ^.^ Well, I hope Tia won't be perving -.-
Anyway my grans come up from Dunedin and I'm so not looking forward to having her stay for a week. Hehe I'll be moving in with all my friends to escape! She's so mean, I thought grans were supposed to be nice. I had way to much coffee and icecream this morning when Bec was over and now i constantly need to go to the bathroom. I dont think I shouldve said that, I'm sure everyone doesnt need to know about my bowel problems.

Oh yeah, isnt this picture totally cute?

Its Tash, Chloe and Tia. Awww.
Anyways ive gotta cruise loveys, will be back later though :)

Mood: bored

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